The Earnest Kid

Who is the Earnest Kid

Anthony Valdes is The Earnest Kid.

As a podcast producer, he's produced, engineered, mastered, and developed his own interview show and is currently solely working on Honeyology with co-host Anika Lani. Anthony is a talented interviewer who understands the humor and drama in a person's life. He uses Logic Pro X and has amassed a small studio in his home in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

You can listen to Honeyology wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen to his archived interview podcast here.

As a singer/songwriter, he writes, sings, produces, plays, and mixes his own music under his moniker Audyear. Prior to moving to New York, he fronted a small trio called Common Collision in Florida. He's been a musician for 10 years playing in church bands, on his own, with a band, and back to his solo work.

His work is on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and wherever you get your music.


Honeyology hosted by Anika Lani where she dishes out yippity-yap on today's world.

Honeyology (May 2018-Present)

Hosted by Anika Lani, a 40 something writer, mother, and proud resident of Brooklyn, this podcast dishes out yippity-yap on today's news and pop culture. So listen up you're taking Honeyology.



Audyear (January 2013-Present)

Audyear is the aritist moniker of Anthony Valdes. You can find music wherever you stream and purchase online.

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The Earnest Kid is an interview podcast from producer and singer-songrwtier, Anthony Valdes.

The Earnest Kid (April 2017-June 2018)

A monthly podcast hosted by producer and singer-songwriter Anthony Valdes. Featuring guests that the host may know, barely know, or know because someone told him that he should know them. Guests tell their stories, what they do or what they wanna do, and why they do it or did it. Listen and subscribe to the most honest podcast out there.


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